Spring Start up

Once a year it's a good idea to do a comprehensive inspection done on your irrigation system. Typically, this is done in the spring to insure that no damage has taken place over the winter, or during the spring thaw.

We use a Check List to evaluate each zone/valve (area being watered), and set our pricing according to the number of zones.

Starting with the minimum of 4 zones for $65.00 and $10.00 for each additional zone after 6.

Example: 7 zone system would be 

                 $65.00 + $10.00 =  $75.00


System upgrades

Wi-Fi Controllers
Valve upgrades
Low volume High efficiency 
Sprinkler and Rotor Change outs

Emergency Service 

Emergency Repair


We provide a 24/7 emergency service. Rates start at $65.00/Hr for after hours calls but most problems can be quickly handled over the phone for free.


DIY Kits

DIY Kits

Are you a handy person?Wanting to install your irrigation system in stages, we can help.

For between $300.00 to $600.00 per zone we can set you up with the right equipment  & amount. We will get you going in the right direction. Our years of experience will save you valuable time and money.


Full Season Irrigation Service

Full Season Service

Starting at $130.00 for a 4 zone system, we will look after all your irrigation needs:

-Spring Start up

-Mid- season check up

-Prepare for winter

With the Full Season Service package you receive a 10% discount on all irrigation parts & labour. 

*as always all our work is guaranteed for one year and 5 years on most irrigation parts. 

Full Season Irrigation Service

10% Discount on Parts & Service


Winterization Service

Starting with the minimum of 4 zones for $65.00 and $10.00 for each additional zone.

Example: 7 zone system would be 

                 $65.00 + $10.00 =  $75.00

All our work is guaranteed for 1 year


Custom designs